Friday, July 10, 2009

Challenge 7 Winner!!!

We didn't get as many entries into this challenge, I am guessing noone really liked the idea of the digi stamp we know that now for future challenges!!

Do you want to know who did win this challenge...the odds were good to win.....

and the winner is......

Stephanie Hester!!!

Way to go girl!

Everyone did such an awesome job on these! I just love pirate stuff!


Tip Top said...

Well done to the winner!

I actually thought it was a great idea to use the digi stamp for a starter! So please do it again!!!

Cheri said...

I didn't know about this blog/challenge in time to play (I'm just now visiting your blog for the first time today) but I thought I saw several people make cards with Dustin's dragon pirate. I dont want you to give up digi stamps. I LOVE digi stamps.